UAS/ Drones

                                   Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) / Drones

                                             UAS Review Board at Northeastern University


The Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Review Board is responsible to review, approve and monitor the use or proposed use of UAS’s, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles and drones, on University property for any reason, including for educational/research, recreational or commercial purposes.

In reviewing applications for use of UAS on University property, the Review Board follows guidance from the University Policy on Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) a.k.a. “Drones,” the University’s Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) Guidelines and Use Restrictions developed by the Office of Risk Services, as well as FAA regulations.

For any question or concerns regarding this process, please contact the UAS Review Board at


NU UAS Application

NU UAS application amendment

Policy and Guidelines

NU Policy on Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) a.k.a. ‘Drones”

NU Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) Guidelines

FAA UAS Wepage


Northeastern FAQ’s



Office of General Counsel (OGC)

Office of Research Administration and Finance (ORAF)

Compliance Department


The Review Board reports to Ralph Martin, SVP and General Counsel;

The current member representatives are:


  • Taskin Padir, CoE (Chair)
  • David Kimbro, CoS
  • Brian Helmuth, CoS
  • Matthew Kling, Burlington Campus
  • Jeff Seo, Research Compliance
  • Steven Good, NUPD
  • Chris Bingel, EH&S
  • Sonya Ross, Risk Management
  • Rob Leahy, OGC (nonvoting)
  • Other “As Needed” representatives from MarCom, Facilities/Athletics, Student Involvement, and Residence Halls